ASHP COVID-19 Consolidated Information

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Key Resources for All Pharmacists and Our Healthcare Teams
These resources are open to all healthcare providers and will serve your pharmacy and health system team well. Please share with your networks:
  • ASHP's AHFS DI 60-day Public Access:  Public access to AHFS Drug Information® [mmsend84.com] is available for the next 60 days with the username "ahfs@ashp.org" and password "covid-19."
  • Assessment of Evidence for COVID-19-Related Treatments: ASHP has completed an evaluation of the evidence [mmsend84.com] related to proposed treatments for people with COVID-19. It also includes an assessment of the evidence around supportive treatments and selected chronic medications that may be used in this population. The table will be updated regularly as new evidence becomes available.
  • Stewardship of Off-Label Treatments for COVID-19: In response to reports of inappropriate prescribing practices related to the off-label use of medications to treat COVID-19 patients, ASHP has developed recommendations for stewardship [mmsend84.com] of these medications. This document will be updated as developments arise. 
  • ASHP COVID-19 Resource Center: A repository of resources [mmsend84.com] to assist in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • ASHP COVID-19 Connect Community: When an individual attempts to use the link below, they will need to create a free account using the "register" button on the right hand side of the ASHP login screen. After this, they can access the community. https://connect.ashp.org/communities/mycommunities [mmsend84.com]
ASHP is working with members to solicit and collate answers to issues you are managing. Let us know other topics we can work on for you. The consolidated threads are posted in the Connect Community; below are recent examples.
ASHP Advocacy Actions
Joint Pharmacy Recommendations for COVID-19 Response: [mmsend84.com] ASHP and other national organizations have released joint pharmacy recommendations critical to addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.