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Public Policy Council Leadership

Director: Paul Goebel
Email: paul.goebel@jefferson.edu

The Council on Public Policy looks at what is going on in the local, state and national stage regarding any aspect of pharmacy. The members of this council are looking out for you and the profession.

To join this Council, please print and fill out the Council Involvement Form.

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy isn’t just about what happens in Washington, D.C. It’s about what you can do close to home as you build relationships with your elected officials. The council members represent you to elected officials as well as make it as easy as possible for you to connect with them. Sometimes it is writing a letter or signing a petition and sometimes it is attending a meeting.

Strong advocacy builds a strong profession.

Some of the topics the council is involved with are:

  • Obtaining Provider Status
  • Collaborative Practice regulations (aka Collaborative Drug Therapy Management (CDTM)
  • Opioid epidemic and its laws and regulations
  • Providing education on what Health System Pharmacists do
  • UPS 797 and USP 800
  • 340b

Public Policy News

To our members:

NJSHP was invited by the New Jersey Board of Pharmacy to attend the October 23, 2019 public meeting and provide additional feedback about our October 1, 2019 letter regarding compounding regulations.  

Paul Goebel (Director of Public Policy) and I attended this meeting, which also included comments on this issue from our colleagues at NJPhA.  NJSHP also offered to work with the Board of Pharmacy to develop specific guidance tools for all our pharmacists in New Jersey who provide compounding services to their patients.  The Board thanked us for our advocacy in this area, and the Board chair acknowledged that further guidance is needed soon.  

As we move forward with our advocacy agenda, I will ensure there is continued dialogue with the Board on all matters related to hospital pharmacy practice that will benefit pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and most importantly, the patients that we provide care for.


Navin Philips, Pharm.D., B.S.